We are excited to announce the first formal summer internship program at RStudio. The goal of our internship program is to enable RStudio employees to collaborate with current students (broadly construed: if you think of yourself as a student you quality) to create impactful and useful applications that will help both RStudio users and the broader R community, and help ensure that the community of R developers is representative of the community of R users. You will have the opportunity to work with some of the most influential data scientists and R developers and work on widely used R packages.

To be qualified for the internship, you need some existing experience writing code in R and using git + GitHub. To demonstrate these skills, your application needs to include a link to a package, Shiny app, or data analysis repository on GitHub. It’s ok if you create it specially for this application; we just want some evidence that you’re already familiar with the basic mechanics of collaborative development in R.

RStudio is a geographically distributed team which means you can be based anywhere in the USA (next year, we’ll try and support international interns too). That means, unless you are based in Boston or Seattle, you will be working 100% remotely, although we will pay for travel to one face-to-face meeting with your mentor. You will meet with your mentor for at least an hour a week, but otherwise you’ll be working on your own.


We are recruiting interns for the following five projects:

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The internship pays $USD 6000, lasts 10 weeks, and will start around June 1. Applications close March 12.

Apply now!

We value diverse viewpoints, and we encourage people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply.