Top 3 Coding Best Practices from the Shiny Contest

2021-07-22 Nick Strayer
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Recently we wrapped up another round of the Shiny Contest, and, as always, the entries were terrific. A previous post announced and discussed the winners, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the examples of fantastic code we saw in the entries. In this post, we have selected three apps that demonstrate Shiny best practices. The apps are RestoR by Luka Negoita and Anna Calle, the Commute Explorer by Stefan Schliebs, and {wedding}: a Shiny app to help future grooms by Margot Brard. Read more →

Advice to Aspiring Sports Analytics Professionals

2021-07-20 Mitch Tanney
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How do I get started in sports analytics? Mitch Tanney shares his advice for aspiring data scientists passionate to apply their analytic skills to the field, court, ice or pitch of their choice. Mitch has years of experience in professional sports analytics, and recently joined RStudio's customer success team. Read more →

A CEO’s View of Open Source Data Science in the Enterprise

2021-07-15 Lou Bajuk
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We recently sat down with Art Steinmetz, former CEO of OppenheimerFunds, to get his unique perspective on the value and viability of code-first, open source data science for the enterprise. Read more →

Shiny, Tableau, and PowerBI: Better Business Intelligence

2021-07-12 Marcin Dubel (Appsilon)
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We compared the features and capabilities of Shiny, Tableau, and PowerBI for delivering insights in enterprise organizations. This is our opinion on how they stack up. Read more →

RStudio Professional Drivers 1.8.0

2021-06-28 Ricardo Andrade and Brian Deitte
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Announcing the 1.8.0 release of the RStudio Professional Drivers, with a fully supported Snowflake driver, a more compatible NTLMv2 support for the Microsoft SQLServer driver, and other updated drivers. Read more →

Strategic Analytics at Monash University: How RStudio Accelerated the Transformation

2021-06-24 Behrooz Hassani-Mahmooei (and the InSight Team)
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Similar to any other large and complex organisation, Monash University employs a wide range of data to inform decision making and monitor different aspects of their operations. Read more →

Winners of the 3rd annual Shiny Contest

2021-06-24 Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
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Announcing the winners of Shiny Contest 2021! Read more →

R in Supply Chain Management: Meetup Q&A

2021-06-17 Rachael Dempsey
Supply chain management presents a number of interesting and challenging problems to solve in topics such as demand and supply planning, inventory management, and forecasting. This post dives into questions from the R in Supply Chain Management meetup with Nicolas Nguyen. Read more →

Debunking the Myths of R vs. Python

2021-06-15 Lou Bajuk
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Data science teams sometimes believe that they must standardize on R or Python for efficiency, at the cost of forcing individual data scientists to give up their preferred, most productive language. RStudio’s professional products provide the best single home for R and Python data science, so teams can optimize the impact their team has, not the language they use. Read more →

Building Effective Data Science Teams: Answering Your Questions

2021-06-10 Rachael Dempsey
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From establishing your first data science team, to growing your team, and stepping into leadership roles, check out the Q&A from the Building Effective Data Science Teams webinar audience questions Read more →