The INSPIRE U2 Program: Student Reflections on Data Science Training

2021-10-22 Kathleen Bostic and Michel Ruiz-Fuentes
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2021 INSPIRE U2 participants Kathleen Bostic and Michel Ruiz-Fuentes reflect on their experience in the program, where they developed their data science skills with the support of faculty and RStudio mentors. Read more →

Embedding Shiny Apps in Tableau Dashboards Using shinytableau

2021-10-21 Isabella Velásquez
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This post introduces and walks through shinytableau, a package that allows you to create dashboard extensions that embed Shiny apps in Tableau. Users can take advantage of R’s powerful visualization and reporting capabilities when working in Tableau dashboards. Read more →

The INSPIRE U2 Program: Training Students in Big Data and Statistics Using RStudio

2021-10-20 Dr. A. Nayena Blankson
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Dr. A. Nayena Blankson, Professor of Psychology at Spelman College, introduces the INSPIRE U2 Program and describes the 2021 partnership with RStudio. The INSPIRE U2 Program provides a learning pathway for underrepresented female students to enter advanced degrees and careers in statistical fields. Read more →

Why Your Data Science Team Might Need a Shiny Deployment Engineer

2021-10-14 Isabella Velásquez
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We interviewed Vergil Weatherford from Guidehouse to learn why they are planning to hire a Senior Shiny Deployment Engineer. Weatherford believes data science teams can benefit from someone who can apply software development best practices to support the deployment of high-quality R and Python applications into production. Read more →

RStudio Connect 2021.09.0 Tableau Analytics Extensions

2021-10-12 James Blair & Kelly O'Briant
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RStudio Connect introduces support for Tableau Analytics Extensions, an integration that enables you to create R or Python HTTP API extensions for use in Tableau workbooks. Read more →

Teaching a Biomedical Data Science Course Using RStudio Cloud

2021-10-06 Isabella Velásquez
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When developing his Data Science for Medical Decision Making course, Professor Chirag Patel discovered that RStudio Cloud is a solution that supports his students through efficient onboarding and reproducible analysis. Read more →

pins 1.0.0

2021-10-04 Hadley Wickham
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pins 1.0.0 is now available on CRAN! The pins package publishes data, models, and other R objects, making it easy to share them across projects and with your colleagues. Pins can be versioned, making it straightforward to track changes, re-run analyses on historical data, and undo mistakes. Read more →

An RStudio Table Contest for 2021

2021-09-30 Rich Iannone and Curtis Kephart
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RStudio Table Contest 2021! We thought the 2020 Table Contest was quite successful (so many great entries!) so we’re doing it all again in 2021. We hope, as ever, that this year’s iteration of the contest encourages even more sharing and recognition of the many ways people work with and display data in R. Read more →

How to Use shinyMatrix and plotly Graphs as Inputs in a Shiny App

2021-09-29 Taylor Rodgers
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Taylor Rodgers, Senior Data Scientist and project lead at PKGlobal, walks through creating a powerful Shiny application with shinyMatrix and plotly for engineers, manufacturers, and plant workers. Read more →

RStudio 2021.09.0 Update: What's New

2021-09-29 Jeffrey Vroom
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The RStudio 2021.09.0 “Ghost Orchid” update includes a number of improvements including improved usability when R is busy, more consistent and flexible logging, ability to replay local background jobs, high DPI plots for retina displays, searchable documentation with improved look and feel, and a new way to manage groups in Kubernetes deployments. Read more →