testthat 0.9 is now available on CRAN. Testthat makes it easy to turn the informal testing that you’re already doing into formal automated tests. Learn more at http://r-pkgs.had.co.nz/tests.html

This version of testthat has four important new features that bring testthat up to speed with unit testing frameworks in other languages:

test_that("a complicated simulation takes a long time", {

describe("matrix()", {
  it("can be multiplied by a scalar", {
    m1 <- matrix(1:4, 2, 2)
    m2 <- m1 * 2
    expect_equivalent(matrix(1:4 * 2, 2, 2), m2)

Other changes of note: auto_test_package() is working again (and uses devtools::load_all() to load the code), random praise has been re-enabled (after being accidentally disabled), and expect_identical() works better with R-devel. See the release notes for complete list of changes.