RStudio Beta 2 (v0.93) is available for download today. We’ve gotten incredibly helpful input from the R community and this release reflects a lot of that feedback.

The release notes have the full details on what’s new. Some of the highlights include:

Source Editor Enhancements

Customizable Layout and Appearance


Interactive Plotting

This release features manipulate, a new interactive plotting feature that enables you to create plots with inputs bound to custom controls (e.g. slider, picker, etc.) rather than hard-coded to a single value. For example:

  # plot expression
  plot(cars, xlim = c(0, x.max), type = type, ann = label),
  # controls
  x.max = slider(10, 25, step = 5, initial = 25),
  type = picker("Points" = "p", "Line" = "l", "Step" = "s"),
  label = checkbox(TRUE, "Draw Labels")


We hope you try out the new release and keep talking to us on our support forum about what works, what doesn’t, and what else you’d like RStudio to do.