New data packages

2014-07-23 Hadley Wickham
I’ve released four new data packages to CRAN: babynames, fueleconomy, nasaweather and nycflights13. The goal of these packages is to provide some interesting, and relatively large, datasets to demonstrate various data analysis challenges in R. The package source code (on github, linked above) is fully reproducible so that you can see some data tidying in action, or make your own modifications to the data. Below, I’ve listed the primary dataset found in each package. Read more →

Announcing Packrat v0.4

2014-07-22 Kevin Ushey
We’re excited to announce a new release of Packrat, a tool for making R projects more isolated and reproducible by managing their package dependencies. This release brings a number of exciting features to Packrat that significantly improve the user experience: Automatic snapshots ensure that new packages installed in your project library are automatically tracked by Packrat. Bundle and share your projects with packrat::bundle() and packrat::unbundle() – whether you want to freeze an analysis, or exchange it for collaboration with colleagues. Read more →

Introducing tidyr

2014-07-22 Hadley Wickham
tidyr is new package that makes it easy to “tidy” your data. Tidy data is data that’s easy to work with: it’s easy to munge (with dplyr), visualise (with ggplot2 or ggvis) and model (with R’s hundreds of modelling packages). The two most important properties of tidy data are: Each column is a variable. Each row is an observation. Arranging your data in this way makes it easier to work with because you have a consistent way of referring to variables (as column names) and observations (as row indices). Read more →

Master interactive documents at the Shiny Dev Center

2014-07-21 Garrett Grolemund
We’ve added a new section of articles to the Shiny Development Center. These articles explain how to create interactive documents with Shiny and R Markdown. You’ll learn how to Use R Markdown to create reproducible, dynamic reports. R Markdown offers one of the most efficient workflows for writing up your R results. Create interactive documents and slideshows by embedding Shiny elements into an R Markdown report. The Shiny + R Markdown combo does more than just enhance your reports; R Markdown provides one of the quickest ways to make light weight Shiny apps. Read more →

RStudio presents Essential Tools for Data Science with R

2014-07-16 Roger Oberg
The RStudio team recently rolled out new capabilities in RStudio, shiny, ggvis, dplyr, knitr, R Markdown, and packrat. The “Essential Tools for Data Science with R” free webinar series is the perfect place to learn more about the power of these R packages from the authors themselves. Click to learn more and register for one or more webinar sessions. You must register for each separately. If you miss a live webinar or want to review them, recorded versions will be available to registrants within 30 days. Read more →

R Day at Strata NYC

2014-07-08 Garrett Grolemund
RStudio will teach the new essentials for doing data science in R at this year’s Strata NYC conference, Oct 15 2014. R Day at Strata is a full day of tutorials that will cover some of the most useful topics in R. You’ll learn how to manipulate and visualize data with R, as well as how to write reproducible, interactive reports that foster collaboration. Topics include: 9:00am – 10:30am A Grammar of Data Manipulation with dplyr Speaker: Hadley Wickham Read more →

Shiny cheat sheet

2014-06-30 Garrett Grolemund
Shiny v0.10 comes with a quick, handy guide. Use the Shiny cheat sheet as a quick reference for building Shiny apps. The cheat sheet will guide you from structuring your app, to writing a reactive foundation with server.R, to laying out and deploying your app. You can find the Shiny cheat sheet along with many more resources for using Shiny at the Shiny Dev Center, (p.s. Visit the RStudio booth at useR! Read more →

Come see RStudio at UseR! 2014

2014-06-24 Roger Oberg
The R User Conference 2014 is coming up fast in Los Angeles! RStudio will be there in force to share the latest enhancements to shiny, ggvis, knitr, dplyr. R markdown, packrat and more. Here’s a quick snapshot of our scheduled sessions. We hope to see you in as many of them as you can attend! Monday, June 30 Morning Tutorials _Interactive graphics with ggvis _- Winston Chang Dynamic Documents with R and knitr - Yihui Xie Read more →

Introducing ggvis

2014-06-23 Winston Chang
Our first public release of ggvis, version 0.3, is now available on CRAN. What is ggvis? It’s a new package for data visualization. Like ggplot2, it is built on concepts from the grammar of graphics, but it also adds interactivity, a new data pipeline, and it renders in a web browser. Our goal is to make an interface that’s flexible, so that you can compose new kinds of visualizations, yet simple, so that it’s accessible to all R users. Read more →

Shiny 0.10

2014-06-20 Joe Cheng
Shiny 0.10 is now available on CRAN. Interactive documents In this release, the biggest changes were under the hood to support the creation of interactive documents. If you haven’t had a chance to check out interactive documents, we really encourage you to do so—it may be the easiest way to learn Shiny. New layout functions Three new functions—flowLayout(), splitLayout(), and inputPanel()—were added for putting UI elements side by side. Read more →