Enjoy More Rstudio::global(2021)

2021-02-01 Carl Howe
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The 24 hours of rstudio::global(2021) may be over, but you can still catch up on the talks you missed. Replay all the global keynotes and talks at rstudio.com. Read more →

Shiny 1.6

2021-02-01 Carson Sievert, Winston Chang, and Barret Schloerke
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Shiny 1.6 is now on CRAN! This release includes significant improvements to theming, caching, accessibility, and more. Read more →

rstudio::global(2021) Starts Tomorrow!

2021-01-20 Carl Howe
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The 24 hours of rstudio::global(2021) start tomorrow! Register now if you haven't and enroll for the sessions that are most convenient for your local time. Read more →

2020 at RStudio: A Year in Review

2021-01-19 Lou Bajuk
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In this blog post, I take a look back at some of the many announcements, product releases, etc. that RStudio did in 2020. It was an exciting year, despite the challenges that 2020 presented to everyone, and we were pleased to continue to support and deliver value to the R and Python data science community. Read more →

Announcing RStudio 1.4

2021-01-19 Daniel Petzold and Carl Howe
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RStudio 1.4 has now officially been released. We think this is a must-have upgrade because it delivers credible, agile, and durable tooling for serious data science. Read more →

Announcing blogdown v1.0

2021-01-18 Alison Hill, Christophe Dervieux, Yihui Xie
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The blogdown package is now on CRAN. Read on for highlights from the version 1.0 release, including smoother workflows, new checking functions to guide you into the pit of success, the ability to pin Hugo versions, better organization of content files via page bundles, and the new Markdown mode for R Markdown posts. Read more →

RStudio: A Single Home for R and Python Data Science

2021-01-13 Lou Bajuk
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Over the past year, RStudio has invested in making our pro and open source offerings the best common home for both R- and Python-based Data Science. In this blog post, we explain why we support both Python and R, review these recent features, and encourage readers to attend our upcoming webinar. Read more →

Shiny Server 1.5.16 Update

2021-01-13 Kelly O'Briant
Important Security Notice A vulnerability was discovered in Shiny Server that could allow the download of published application source code directly from the server. This issue affects both Shiny Server Pro and the open source Shiny Server product. We recommend upgrading to the new version immediately. If this is not possible, please contact support@rstudio.com who will supply an interim fix that can be applied to the configuration. Release Notes In addition to the important security patch described above, the following items have been addressed in this release: Read more →

X-Sessions at rstudio::global

2021-01-11 Samantha Toet
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To kick off the momentum of rstudio::global, some of our sponsors are hosting industry and professionally focused sessions the days leading up to our 24-hour marathon on January 21st. Read more →

Last Call for the 2020 R Community Survey

2021-01-07 Carl Howe
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Only 2 days left before our survey closes! Please fill out our 3nd annual survey so that we can better understand today's R community. We'll publish the results in February 2021 as free and open source data. Read more →