rstudio::global(2021) Diversity Scholarships

2020-11-30 Julia Silge and Jen Hecht
rstudio::global(2021) will be a very different conference from previous years. We will miss being together physically, but we are enthusiastic about planning this free, virtual event designed to be inclusive of R users in every time zone. Even though the conference itself is free, we are continuing our tradition of diversity scholarships, but with a different focus. This year, we have planned for 70 diversity scholarships available to individuals around the world who are a member of a group that is underrepresented at rstudio::conf(). Read more →

Custom Google Analytics Dashboards with R: Downloading Data

2020-11-27 Carl Howe
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This article, the first of three, describes how to use a code-oriented data science approach to Google Analytics data from a blog. It creates custom views of raw GA data while hiding the complexity of the Google Analytics data and interface Read more →

How California Uses Shiny in Production to Fight COVID-19

2020-11-19 Daniel Petzold and Carl Howe
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RStudio analyzes how the California Department of Public Health built a COVID-19 dashboard in R and Shiny that now serves millions of California citizens. Read more →

Why RStudio Focuses on Code-Based Data Science

2020-11-17 Lou Bajuk, Carl Howe
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Michael Lippis of The Outlook podcast recently interviewed RStudio's Lou Bajuk to discuss open source data science, support for R and Python, and how leaders are getting value from data science. Read more →

RStudio 1.4 Preview: New Features in RStudio Server Pro

2020-11-16 Karl Feinauer
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This blog post is part of a series on new features in RStudio 1.4, currently available as a preview release. Today, we’re going to talk about what’s new in RStudio Server Pro (RSP) 1.4. The 1.4 release includes integration with a frequently requested editor (VS Code), several quality of life improvements for working with Launcher environments, new user administration commands, and long-awaited SAML support! Let’s get started! RStudio Server Pro Single Sign-On Authentication with SAML 2. Read more →

Where Does RStudio Fit into Your Cloud Strategy?

2020-11-12 Lou Bajuk, RStudio
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Over the last few years, more companies have begun migrating their data science work to the cloud. As they do, they naturally want to bring along their favorite data science tools, including RStudio, R, and Python. In this blog post, we discuss the various ways RStudio products can be a part of that journey. Read more →

The Appsilon shiny.semantic PoContest

2020-11-10 Samantha Toet
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One of our Full Service Partners, Appsilon, recently held an internal competition to help test an open source R package they developed called shiny.semantic. To make the competition a little more interesting, Appsilon reached out and asked if we would judge the submissions on their technical and creative merit. Here’s a sneak peek of the apps we got to review, and a summary of the winners. Read more →

RStudio 1.4 Preview: Citations

2020-11-09 JJ Allaire
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This post is part of a series on new features in RStudio 1.4, currently available as a preview release. A few weeks ago we blogged about the new visual markdown editor included in RStudio v1.4. Today we’ll go into more depth on the citation features included in visual mode, including easy insertion of citations from: Your document bibliography. Zotero personal or group libraries. DOI (Document Object Identifier) references. Searches of Crossref, DataCite, or PubMed. Read more →

RStudio 1.4 Preview: Rainbow Parentheses

2020-11-04 Adam Conroy
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This post is part of a series on new features in RStudio 1.4, currently available as a preview release. Beautiful code themes and rainbow parentheses, a tale as old as…well at least 2017. Being able to color your parentheses (and brackets and braces) based on the level of nesting has been a highly requested feature for years and we’re happy to announce that it’s available in the upcoming 1.4 release of RStudio. Read more →

2020 Table Contest Deadline Extended

2020-10-30 Rich Iannone and Curtis Kephart
The original deadline for the Table Contest was scheduled for October 31. Given requests and very interesting data becoming available next week, we're extended the deadline by two weeks to November 14. Read more →