Managing COVID Vaccine Distribution, With a Little Help From Shiny

2021-05-18 Jesse Mostipak
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Data Driven West Virginia, in collaboration with the WV Army National Guard, built a COVID vaccine management system using Shiny to help quickly and efficiently distribute vaccines throughout the state. Read more →

Code-First Data Science for the Enterprise

2021-05-12 Lou Bajuk and Nick Rohrbaugh
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While you may already be a practitioner of code-first data science with R or Python, chances are you work within a larger organization with many analytic tools. In this post, we give you some advice on navigating this landscape, and convincing others in your organization of the value of code-first data science. Read more →

Low Friction Package Management in Three Parts

2021-05-06 Alex K Gold
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Successful package management strategies are usually a three-part plan with clearly delineated responsibilities between admins and data scientists. Read more →

RStudio and APIs

2021-05-04 James Blair
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APIs can dramatically increase the impact of data analytics by making real time results accessible to a larger audience. RStudio empowers organizations to both create and use analytic APIs. Read more →

What's New on RStudio Cloud - May 2021

2021-05-03 Robby Shaver
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We've released quite a few features to RStudio Cloud since our last post. Here are some of the more significant changes since February, 2021. Read more →

Using RStudio to Amplify Digital Marketing Results

2021-04-26 Samantha Toet
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We recently teamed up with Extendo and ixpantia to learn how they use RStudio to help streamline their digital analytics offerings for more credible and durable marketing insights. Read more →

New in knitr: Improved accessibility with image alt text

2021-04-20 Alison Hill, Christophe Dervieux, Yihui Xie
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The latest version of the knitr package is now on CRAN. A highlight of the version 1.32 release is the ability to add alt text to figures produced by code chunks. Read on to learn more about how to improve the accessibility of your knitted HTML-based output. Read more →

Latest news from the R Markdown family

2021-04-15 Alison Hill, Christophe Dervieux, Yihui Xie
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Happy spring! In this post, we'll share the latest news from the R Markdown family of packages so that you know all you need to know to take advantage of the newest features. New releases include the rmarkdown and pagedown packages, among others. Read more →

Impressions from New Zealand’s R Exchange

2021-04-14 Uli Muellner (Epi-Interactive)
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In March of 2021, Epi-Interactive hosted one of the first in-person R events in Wellington, New Zealand. Here are some takeaways from their experience. Read more →

Model Monitoring with R Markdown, pins, and RStudio Connect

2021-04-08 Julia Silge
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Model monitoring is a key component of ModelOps, and the R ecosystem offers flexible, code-first solutions that meet the model monitoring needs of data science practitioners. Read more →