Practical Advice for R in Production - Answering Your Questions

2021-08-27 Colin Gillespie (Jumping Rivers)
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This is a guest post by Colin Gillespie from Jumping Rivers answering your questions from their most recent series of webinars, Practical Advice for Putting R in Production. Read more →

Cheatsheet Updates

2021-08-23 Averi Perny
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Many RStudio cheatsheets have been updated or reworked based on recent package updates, and we’ve updated the cheatsheet contribution process as well. You’ll also see some small changes to the cheatsheet website reflecting these changes. Read more →

Announcing bookdown v0.23

2021-08-18 Alison Hill, Christophe Dervieux, Yihui Xie
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The latest version of the bookdown package is now on CRAN. A highlight of the version 0.23 release is a new HTML book output format based on Bootstrap 4 called bs4_book(). This release also includes improved search, customizable 404 pages, and new project templates. Read more →

Using Shiny in Healthcare: Examples from the 2021 Shiny Contest

2021-08-17 Shannon Hagerty
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Explore three Shiny applications that healthcare organizations use to provide better care and health outcomes to people across the world. Read more →

RStudio Voices - Julia Silge

2021-08-12 Michael Demsko
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For the first piece in our new RStudio Voices series, we decided to interview one of our open source package developers, Julia Silge. Read more →

Democratizing Data with R, Python, and Slack

2021-08-10 Matthias Mueller
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In connection with R, Python, Slack and RStudio Connect, CM Group built a system that serves custom, individualized insights directly to stakeholders, at the right time, where work already happens. Read more →

RStudio Cloud: An inclusive solution for learning R

2021-08-05 Dr. Patricia Menéndez
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Learn how Monash University uses RStudio Cloud in their Introduction to Data Analysis and Collaborative & Reproducible Practices units. From weekly tutorials and assignments during the semester to even a timed test with 300 students logging in simultaneously. Read more →

R in Healthcare Meetup Q&A

2021-08-03 Chris Bumgardner
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The team at Children’s Wisconsin is using R and RStudio’s suite of tools to enable forecasting, modeling, and data mining among other data science activities. During the meetup, Chris Bumgardner shared a few examples of the applications that have been created to support their vision that the kids of Wisconsin will be the healthiest in the nation. Read more →

RStudio Connect 1.9.0 - Content Curation Tools

2021-07-29 Kelly O'Briant
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As publishers add more content to RStudio Connect, content organization, distribution, and discovery can become a challenge. Distributing individual links to all your most important content is tiresome, and the default Connect dashboard contains more information than end users often want or need. This release of RStudio Connect introduces tools for addressing these common content curation concerns: How do you make sure your audience finds what they need on RStudio Connect without paging through the dashboard, remembering the right search terms, or bookmarking every content item you share? Read more →

Shiny Apps from Concept to Production - An RStudio Community X-Session with Appsilon

2021-07-27 Curtis Kephart
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Ready to take your Shiny development skills to the next level? This RStudio Community X-Session connects you with the Shiny experts at Appsilon. The two-hour workshop covers development workflows, coding best practices, tips for scaling and infrastructure, and improving your apps’ user interface. Read more →