What's New on RStudio Cloud - September 2021

2021-09-28 Robby Shaver
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The RStudio Cloud team has improved your cloud-based data science experience with support for Jupyter Notebooks (currently in beta) and automatic upgrades on Ubuntu. RStudio Cloud now has increased monthly hours, number of available projects, and disk space as well as a reduced price for additional hours. Read more →

Curating for @WeAreRLadies on Twitter

2021-09-23 Shannon Pileggi
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In February 2021, Shannon Pileggi tweeted to a daunting >20k followers by curating for @WeAreLadies on Twitter. From preparation to fruition, this post discusses tips and experiences to help you confidently enroll as a curator. Read more →

RStudio Package Manager 2021.09.0 - Capturing and Maintaining Working Repositories

2021-09-22 Daniel Petzold and Brian Deitte
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This release adds new management, service, and configuration options to RStudio Package Manager. Highlights include a more versatile repository calendar, more flexibility in serving multiple binary package versions, and more options for configuring git sources. Read more →

RStudio Workbench Load Balancing Changes

2021-09-21 Melissa Barca
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As we’re putting the finishing touches on the RStudio Workbench 2021.09.0 “Ghost Orchid” release, we’d like to share one of the new sets of features we’re most excited about. We’ve revisited and revamped the administration experience for load balancing clusters. Read more →

The Advantages of Code-First Data Science

2021-09-16 Lou Bajuk
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Three key attributes define Serious Data Science: open-source software, code-first development, and a centralized data science infrastructure. This approach has been successful at driving value and impact at hundreds of organizations. In this post, we will focus on the advantages of code-first data science. Read more →

How do you use Shiny to communicate to 8 million people?

2021-09-14 Rachael Dempsey
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Georgia Institute of Technology faculty, scientists, GIS specialists, and graduate students share their experience launching a Shiny application that was used by over 8 million people around the world. Read more →

My Excel and R Journey in Financial Services

2021-09-07 Pritam Dalal
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Pritam Dalal from the RStudio Customer Success team shares his perspective on the pros and cons of Excel vs. code-first data science, based on observations from his career in financial services. Read more →

Announcing Calendar Based Versioning for All Commercial RStudio Products

2021-08-30 Ferit Albukrek
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RStudio is shifting to a calendar-based versioning scheme for future releases of all our commercial products. This change will make it easier for users to understand the age of a specific release, where a release fits into our support cycles, which releases contain new features and bug fixes. Read more →

RStudio Connect 2021.08.0 Custom Branding

2021-08-30 Kelly O'Briant
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This release introduces new branding options for RStudio Connect such as customization of the logo, favicon, and product display name. Read more →

RStudio Connect 2021.08.0 Python Updates

2021-08-30 Kelly O'Briant
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RStudio Connect introduces support for FastAPI and other ASGI-compliant frameworks. Learn how to hide input code cells in Jupyter Notebooks, for audiences where a cleaner or less code-heavy presentation would be useful. Read more →