lubridate 1.6.0

2016-09-15 Hadley Wickham
I am pleased to announced lubridate 1.6.0. Lubridate is designed to make working with dates and times as pleasant as possible, and is maintained by Vitalie Spinu. You can install the latest version with: install.packages("lubridate") This release includes a range of bug fixes and minor improvements. Some highlights from this release include: period() and duration() constructors now accept character strings and allow a very flexible specification of timespans: period("3H 2M 1S") #> [1] "3H 2M 1S" duration("3 hours, 2 mins, 1 secs") #> [1] "10921s (~3. Read more →

tidyverse 1.0.0

2016-09-15 Hadley Wickham
The tidyverse is a set of packages that work in harmony because they share common data representations and API design. The tidyverse package is designed to make it easy to install and load core packages from the tidyverse in a single command. The best place to learn about all the packages in the tidyverse and how they fit together is R for Data Science. Expect to hear more about the tidyverse in the coming months as I work on improved package websites, making citation easier, and providing a common home for discussions about data analysis with the tidyverse. Read more →

forcats 0.1.0

2016-08-31 Hadley Wickham
I’m excited to announce forcats, a new package for categorical variables, or factors. Factors have a bad rap in R because they often turn up when you don’t want them. That’s because historically, factors were more convenient than character vectors, as discussed in stringsAsFactors: An unauthorized biography by Roger Peng, and stringsAsFactors = by Thomas Lumley. If you use packages from the tidyverse (like tibble and readr) you don’t need to worry about getting factors when you don’t want them. Read more →

tibble 1.2.0

2016-08-29 Hadley Wickham
We’re proud to announce version 1.2.0 of the tibble package. Tibbles are a modern reimagining of the data frame, keeping what time has shown to be effective, and throwing out what is not. Grab the latest version with: install.packages("tibble") This is mostly a maintenance release, with the following major changes: More options for adding individual rows and (new!) columns Improved function names Minor tweaks to the output Read more →

stringr 1.1.0

2016-08-24 Hadley Wickham
I’m pleased to announce version 1.1.0 of stringr. stringr makes string manipulation easier by using consistent function and argument names, and eliminating options that you don’t need 95% of the time. To get started with stringr, check out the strings chapter in R for data science. Install it with: install.packages("stringr") This release is mostly bug fixes, but there are a couple of new features you might care out. There are three new datasets, fruit, words and sentences, to help you practice your regular expression skills: str_subset(fruit, "(. Read more →

tidyr 0.6.0

2016-08-15 Hadley Wickham
I’m pleased to announce tidyr 0.6.0. tidyr makes it easy to “tidy” your data, storing it in a consistent form so that it’s easy to manipulate, visualise and model. Tidy data has a simple convention: put variables in the columns and observations in the rows. You can learn more about it in the tidy data vignette. Install it with: install.packages("tidyr") I mostly released this version to bundle up a number of small tweaks needed for R for Data Science. Read more →

readr 1.0.0

2016-08-05 Hadley Wickham
readr 1.0.0 is now available on CRAN. readr makes it easy to read many types of rectangular data, including csv, tsv and fixed width files. Compared to base equivalents like read.csv(), readr is much faster and gives more convenient output: it never converts strings to factors, can parse date/times, and it doesn’t munge the column names. Install the latest version with: install.packages("readr") Releasing a version 1.0.0 was a deliberate choice to reflect the maturity and stability and readr, thanks largely to work by Jim Hester. Read more →

tibble 1.1

2016-07-05 Hadley Wickham
We’re proud to announce version 1.1 of the tibble package. Tibbles are a modern reimagining of the data frame, keeping what time has shown to be effective, and throwing out what is not. Grab the latest version with: install.packages("tibble") There are three major new features: A more consistent naming scheme Changes to how columns are extracted Tweaks to the output There are many other small improvements and bug fixes: please see the release notes for a complete list. Read more →

xml2 1.0.0

2016-07-05 Hadley Wickham
We are pleased to announced that xml2 1.0.0 is now available on CRAN. Xml2 is a wrapper around the comprehensive libxml2 C library, and makes it easy to work with XML and HTML files in R. Install the latest version with: install.packages("xml2") There are three major improvements in 1.0.0: You can now modify and create XML documents. xml_find_first() replaces xml_find_one(), and provides better semantics for missing nodes. Read more →

dplyr 0.5.0

2016-06-27 Hadley Wickham
I’m very pleased to announce that dplyr 0.5.0 is now available from CRAN. Get the latest version with: install.packages("dplyr") dplyr 0.5.0 is a big release with a heap of new features, a whole bunch of minor improvements, and many bug fixes, both from me and from the broader dplyr community. In this blog post, I’ll highlight the most important changes: Some breaking changes to single table verbs. Read more →