RStudio IDE

New Version of RStudio: R Markdown v2 and More

2014-06-18 RStudio Team
Today we’re very pleased to announce a new version of RStudio (v0.98.932) which is available for download now. New features in this release include: A next generation implementation of R Markdown with a raft of new features including support for HTML, PDF, and Word output, many new options for customizing document appearance, and the ability to create presentations (Beamer or HTML5). Interactive Documents (Shiny meets R Markdown). Readers can now change the parameters underlying your analysis and see the results immediately. Read more →

New Version of RStudio (v0.98)

2013-12-03 RStudio Team
We’re pleased to announce that the final version of RStudio v0.98 is available for download now. Highlights of the new release include: An interactive debugger for R that is tightly integrated with base R debugging tools (browser, recover, etc.) Numerous improvements to the Workspace pane (which is now called the Environment pane). R Presentations for easy authoring of HTML5 presentations that include R code, output, and graphics. Read more →

RStudio OS X Mavericks Issues Resolved

2013-11-12 RStudio Team
When OS X Mavericks was released last month we were very disappointed to discover a compatibility issue between Qt (our cross-platform user interface toolkit) and OS X Mavericks that resulted in extremely poor graphics performance. We now have an updated preview version of RStudio for OS X (v0.98.475) that not only overcomes these issues, but also improves editor, scrolling, and layout performance across the board on OS X (more details below if you are curious): Read more →

RStudio and OS X 10.9 Mavericks

2013-10-22 RStudio Team
UPDATE: RStudio OS X Mavericks Issues Resolved This post is now out of date (see link above for information on getting a version of RStudio that works with OS X Mavericks). Today Apple released OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”. If you are a Mac user and considering updating to the new OS there are some RStudio compatibility issues to consider before you update. As a result of a problem between Mavericks and the user interface toolkit underlying RStudio (Qt) the RStudio IDE is very slow in painting and user interactions when running under Mavericks. Read more →

RStudio v0.98 Preview (Debugging Tools and More)

2013-09-24 RStudio Team
We’re very pleased to announce that a preview release of RStudio IDE v0.98 is available for download now. Major highlights of the new release include debugging tools, many improvements to environment/workspace browsing, and a new way to create HTML5 presentations using R Markdown. As usual there are also many small improvements and bug fixes. We’ll talk about some of the more interesting new features below, otherwise check out the release notes for full details. Read more →

RStudio and Rcpp

2012-11-29 RStudio Team
Earlier this month a new version of the Rcpp package by Dirk Eddelbuettel and Romain François was released to CRAN and today we’re excited to announce a new version of RStudio that integrates tightly with Rcpp. First though more about some exciting new features in Rcpp 0.10.1. This release includes Rcpp attributes, which are simple annotations that you add to C++ source files to streamline calling C++ from R. This makes it possible to write C++ functions and simply source them into R just as you’d source an R script. Read more →

New version of RStudio (v0.97)

2012-11-01 RStudio Team
Today a new version of RStudio (v0.97) is available for download from our website. The principal focus of this release was creating comprehensive tools for R package development. We also implemented many other frequently requested enhancements including a new Vim editing mode and a much improved Find and Replace pane. Here’s a summary of what’s new in the release: Package Development A new Build tab with package development commands and a view of build output and errors Read more →

RStudio v0.96.225 Update

2012-05-24 RStudio Team
There’s an updated release of RStudio v0.96 available that includes some small enhancements and bugfixes, including: Comment/uncomment for Sweave and LaTeX Additional in-product documentation for R Markdown Offline support for MathJax previews More flexible handling of MathJax inline equations The release notes include a full list all of the changes. We’ve also published some additional documentation on using the new code folding and code sections features. Read more →

New Version of RStudio (v0.96)

2012-05-14 RStudio Team
Today a new version of RStudio (v0.96) is available for download from our website. The main focus of this release is improved tools for authoring, reproducible research, and web publishing. This means lots of new Sweave features as well as tight integration with the knitr package (including support for creating dynamic web reports with the new R Markdown and R HTML formats). We’ve also added some other frequently requested editing features including code folding. Read more →

RStudio v0.95 Released

2012-01-25 RStudio Team
The final version of RStudio v0.95 is now available for download from our website (thanks to everyone who put the preview release through its paces over the last couple of weeks!). Highlights of the new release include: Projects — A new system for managing R projects that enables easy switching between working directories and per-project contexts for source documents, workspaces, and history. Code Navigation — Typeahead navigation by file or function name (Ctrl+. Read more →