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Register for Hadley Wickham's Master R Developer Workshop - San Francisco

2015-12-09 Roger Oberg
Are you ready to upgrade your R skills? Register soon to secure your seat. On January 28 and 29, 2016, Hadley Wickham will teach his popular Master R Developer Workshop at the Westin San Francisco Airport. The workshop is offered only 3 times a year and the San Francisco class is already nearly 50% full. This is the only Master R Developer Workshop Hadley is planning for the US West Coast in 2016. Read more →

RStudio Essentials Webinar Series

2015-12-01 Garrett Grolemund
The RStudio IDE is bursting with capabilities and features. Do you know how to use them all? Tomorrow, we begin an “RStudio Essentials” webinar series. This will be the perfect way to learn how to use the IDE to its fullest. The series is broken into six sections always on a Wednesday at 11 a.m. EDT: Programming Part 1 (Writing code in RStudio) - December 2nd Programming Part 2 (Debugging code in RStudio) - December 9th Read more →

Are you headed to Strata? It's next week!

2015-09-23 Roger Oberg
RStudio will again teach the new essentials for doing (big) data science in R at this year’s Strata NYC conference, September 29 2015 ( You will learn from Garrett Grolemund, Yihui Xie, and Nathan Stephens who are all working on fascinating new ways to keep the R ecosystem apace of the challenges facing those who work with data. Topics include: R Quickstart: Wrangle, transform, and visualize data Instructor: Garrett Grolemund (90 minutes) Read more →

Secure HTTPS Connections for R

2015-08-17 RStudio Team
Traditionally, the mechanisms for obtaining R and related software have used standard HTTP connections. This isn’t ideal though, as without a secure (HTTPS) connection there is less assurance that you are downloading code from a legitimate source rather than from another server posing as one. Recently there have been a number of changes that make it easier to use HTTPS for installing R, RStudio, and packages from CRAN: Downloads of R from the main CRAN website now use HTTPS; Read more →

Spark 1.4 for RStudio

2015-07-14 Garrett Grolemund
Today’s guest post is written by Vincent Warmerdam of GoDataDriven and is reposted with Vincent’s permission from You can learn more about how to use SparkR with RStudio at the 2015 EARL Conference in Boston November 2-4, where Vincent will be speaking live. This document contains a tutorial on how to provision a spark cluster with RStudio. You will need a machine that can run bash scripts and a functioning account on AWS. Read more →

Hadley Wickham's Master R Developer Workshop - Washington DC registration is open

2015-06-12 Roger Oberg
“Master” R in Washington DC this September! Join RStudio Chief Data Scientist Hadley Wickham at the AMA – Executive Conference Center in Arlington, VA on September 14 and 15, 2015 for this rare opportunity to learn from one of the R community’s most popular and innovative authors and package developers. It will be at least another year before Hadley returns to teach his class on the East Coast, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn from him in person. Read more →

New Version of RStudio (v0.99) Available Now

2015-05-26 RStudio Team
We’re pleased to announce that the final version of RStudio v0.99 is available for download now. Highlights of the release include: A new data viewer with support for large datasets, filtering, searching, and sorting. Complete overhaul of R code completion with many new features and capabilities. The source editor now provides code diagnostics (errors, warnings, etc.) as you work. User customizable code snippets for automating common editing tasks. Read more →

Hadley Wickham Master R Developer Workshop in Chicago – Space Limited

2015-05-12 Tareef Kawaf
Join RStudio Chief Data Scientist Hadley Wickham at the University of Illinois at Chicago, on Wednesday May 27th & 28th for this rare opportunity to learn from one of the R community’s most popular and innovative authors and package developers. As of this post, the workshop is two-thirds sold out. If you’re in or near Chicago and want to boost your R programming skills, this is Hadley’s only Central US public workshop planned for 2015. Read more →

RStudio v0.99 Preview: More Editor Enhancements

2015-05-06 Kevin Ushey
We’ve blogged previously about various improvements we’ve made to the source editor in RStudio v0.99 including enhanced code completion, snippets, diagnostics, and an improved Vim mode. Besides these larger scale features we’ve made lots of smaller improvements that we also wanted to highlight. You can try out all of these features now in the RStudio v0.99 preview release. Multiple Cursors You can now create and use multiple cursors within RStudio. Read more →

RStudio v0.99 Preview: Graphviz and DiagrammeR

2015-05-01 RStudio Team
Soon after the announcement of htmlwidgets, Rich Iannone released the DiagrammeR package, which makes it easy to generate graph and flowchart diagrams using text in a Markdown-like syntax. The package is very flexible and powerful, and includes: Rendering of Graphviz graph visualizations (via viz.js) Creating diagrams and flowcharts using mermaid.js Facilities for mapping R objects into graphs, diagrams, and flowcharts. We’re very excited about the prospect of creating sophisticated diagrams using an easy to author plain-text syntax, and built some special authoring support for DiagrammeR into RStudio v0. Read more →