RStudio Connect

RStudio Connect 2021.09.0 Tableau Analytics Extensions

2021-10-12 James Blair & Kelly O'Briant
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RStudio Connect introduces support for Tableau Analytics Extensions, an integration that enables you to create R or Python HTTP API extensions for use in Tableau workbooks. Read more →

RStudio Connect 2021.08.0 Custom Branding

2021-08-30 Kelly O'Briant
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This release introduces new branding options for RStudio Connect such as customization of the logo, favicon, and product display name. Read more →

RStudio Connect 2021.08.0 Python Updates

2021-08-30 Kelly O'Briant
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RStudio Connect introduces support for FastAPI and other ASGI-compliant frameworks. Learn how to hide input code cells in Jupyter Notebooks, for audiences where a cleaner or less code-heavy presentation would be useful. Read more →

RStudio Connect 1.9.0 - Content Curation Tools

2021-07-29 Kelly O'Briant
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As publishers add more content to RStudio Connect, content organization, distribution, and discovery can become a challenge. Distributing individual links to all your most important content is tiresome, and the default Connect dashboard contains more information than end users often want or need. This release of RStudio Connect introduces tools for addressing these common content curation concerns: How do you make sure your audience finds what they need on RStudio Connect without paging through the dashboard, remembering the right search terms, or bookmarking every content item you share? Read more →

RStudio Professional Drivers 1.8.0

2021-06-28 Ricardo Andrade and Brian Deitte
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Announcing the 1.8.0 release of the RStudio Professional Drivers, with a fully supported Snowflake driver, a more compatible NTLMv2 support for the Microsoft SQLServer driver, and other updated drivers. Read more →

Model Monitoring with R Markdown, pins, and RStudio Connect

2021-04-08 Julia Silge
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Model monitoring is a key component of ModelOps, and the R ecosystem offers flexible, code-first solutions that meet the model monitoring needs of data science practitioners. Read more →

RStudio Professional Drivers 1.7.0

2021-03-10 Ricardo Andrade and Nathan Stephens
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Announcing the 1.7.0 release of the RStudio Professional Drivers, which includes security updates, a preview release of the Snowflake driver, an updated Oracle driver, and other changes. Read more →

RStudio Connect 1.8.6

2020-12-16 Kelly O'Briant
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RStudio Connect helps teams of all sizes operationalize their data science work, and provides a single point of access to data products for decision makers. In this release, we have emphasized features that will help address maturing DevOps requirements within organizations seeking to deploy and scale data science. This release of RStudio Connect builds on the existing Server API, making experimental endpoints officially supported and introducing a brand new slate of API improvements based on feedback we’ve received from the community. Read more →

RStudio Connect 1.8.6 - Administrator Digest

2020-12-16 Kelly O'Briant
Security & Authentication LDAP / Active Directory Changes Group handling within RStudio Connect has significantly improved for LDAP / Active Directory within this release. Groups will now be synchronized via a background process on a scheduled interval. The group membership for a user is determined on login rather than at the time of content access, and permission checks will use synced data from the RStudio Connect database rather than making LDAP requests. Read more →

RStudio Connect 1.8.6 - Deployment API

2020-12-16 Kelly O'Briant
Automate deployment with the RStudio Connect Server API With RStudio Connect, your team can publish straight from the desktop or server IDE with the push of a button or orchestrate a fully customized deployment pipeline. While push-button publishing is powerful and convenient, it’s not the ideal solution for all organizations. Data science teams need tools that can help traditional IT administrators understand how to provide sophisticated oversight for the deployment and management of data science artifacts. Read more →