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Teaching a Biomedical Data Science Course Using RStudio Cloud

2021-10-06 Isabella Velásquez
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When developing his Data Science for Medical Decision Making course, Professor Chirag Patel discovered that RStudio Cloud is a solution that supports his students through efficient onboarding and reproducible analysis. Read more →

What's New on RStudio Cloud - September 2021

2021-09-28 Robby Shaver
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The RStudio Cloud team has improved your cloud-based data science experience with support for Jupyter Notebooks (currently in beta) and automatic upgrades on Ubuntu. RStudio Cloud now has increased monthly hours, number of available projects, and disk space as well as a reduced price for additional hours. Read more →

RStudio Cloud: An inclusive solution for learning R

2021-08-05 Dr. Patricia Menéndez
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Learn how Monash University uses RStudio Cloud in their Introduction to Data Analysis and Collaborative & Reproducible Practices units. From weekly tutorials and assignments during the semester to even a timed test with 300 students logging in simultaneously. Read more →

What's New on RStudio Cloud - May 2021

2021-05-03 Robby Shaver
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We’ve released quite a few features to RStudio Cloud since our last post. Here are some of the more significant changes since February, 2021. Read more →

What's New on RStudio Cloud - February 2021

2021-02-04 Robby Shaver
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RStudio Cloud is always evolving, so we’re beginning a series of blog posts to highlight things that have changed behind the scenes. Read more →

Learning Data Science with RStudio Cloud: A Student's Perspective

2020-09-17 Daniel Petzold, Carl Howe
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Lara Zaremba, a student at Goethe University, shares her experiences using RStudio Cloud to learn data science and how it has empowered her to help teach others. Read more →

Do, Share, Teach, and Learn Data Science with RStudio Cloud

2020-08-05 Lou Bajuk
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RStudio is proud to announce the general availability of RStudio Cloud, its cloud-based platform for doing, teaching, and learning data science. WIth RStudio Cloud, there’s nothing to configure and no dedicated hardware or installation required. Individual users, instructors, and students only need a browser. Read more →