Data Science Leadership

Why Your Data Science Team Might Need a Shiny Deployment Engineer

2021-10-14 Isabella Velásquez
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We interviewed Vergil Weatherford from Guidehouse to learn why they are planning to hire a Senior Shiny Deployment Engineer. Weatherford believes data science teams can benefit from someone who can apply software development best practices to support the deployment of high-quality R and Python applications into production. Read more →

The Advantages of Code-First Data Science

2021-09-16 Lou Bajuk
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Three key attributes define Serious Data Science: open-source software, code-first development, and a centralized data science infrastructure. This approach has been successful at driving value and impact at hundreds of organizations. In this post, we will focus on the advantages of code-first data science. Read more →

My Excel and R Journey in Financial Services

2021-09-07 Pritam Dalal
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Pritam Dalal from the RStudio Customer Success team shares his perspective on the pros and cons of Excel vs. code-first data science, based on observations from his career in financial services. Read more →

Practical Advice for R in Production - Answering Your Questions

2021-08-27 Colin Gillespie (Jumping Rivers)
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This is a guest post by Colin Gillespie from Jumping Rivers answering your questions from their most recent series of webinars, Practical Advice for Putting R in Production. Read more →

RStudio Voices - Julia Silge

2021-08-12 Michael Demsko
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For the first piece in our new RStudio Voices series, we decided to interview one of our open source package developers, Julia Silge. Read more →

Democratizing Data with R, Python, and Slack

2021-08-10 Matthias Mueller
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In connection with R, Python, Slack and RStudio Connect, CM Group built a system that serves custom, individualized insights directly to stakeholders, at the right time, where work already happens. Read more →

R in Healthcare Meetup Q&A

2021-08-03 Chris Bumgardner
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The team at Children’s Wisconsin is using R and RStudio’s suite of tools to enable forecasting, modeling, and data mining among other data science activities. During the meetup, Chris Bumgardner shared a few examples of the applications that have been created to support their vision that the kids of Wisconsin will be the healthiest in the nation. Read more →

A CEO’s View of Open Source Data Science in the Enterprise

2021-07-15 Lou Bajuk
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We recently sat down with Art Steinmetz, former CEO of OppenheimerFunds, to get his unique perspective on the value and viability of code-first, open source data science for the enterprise. Read more →

Shiny, Tableau, and PowerBI: Better Business Intelligence

2021-07-12 Marcin Dubel (Appsilon)
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We compared the features and capabilities of Shiny, Tableau, and PowerBI for delivering insights in enterprise organizations. This is our opinion on how they stack up. Read more →

Strategic Analytics at Monash University: How RStudio Accelerated the Transformation

2021-06-24 Behrooz Hassani-Mahmooei (and the InSight Team)
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Similar to any other large and complex organisation, Monash University employs a wide range of data to inform decision making and monitor different aspects of their operations. Read more →