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RStudio is excited to announce that we released RStudio 1.4 today! The many features of RStudio 1.4 will already be familiar to regular readers of this blog. These include:

You can read the complete set of new features and bug fixes in the RStudio 1.4 release notes.

RStudio 1.4 Delivers Essential Tooling for Serious Data Science

We’ve written before about how a world class IDE is a requirement for any team that wants to do serious data science. However, whenever a new release of an installed product comes out, it always raises the question, “What value will my team get from upgrading?” For data science teams committed to serious data science, we believe RStudio 1.4 is a must-have upgrade because it:

We believe RStudio 1.4’s support for a single development environment that supports multiple language platforms will help address many data science challenges that teams will face in 2021. We expect that many organizations will find it to be the key to unlocking new value from their data science investments.

Where to Get RStudio 1.4

Open source and commercial versions of RStudio Desktop and RStudio Server Pro 1.4 are available for download today from the RStudio products page.

If you are just starting out with RStudio and want to learn more about the features available in the RStudio IDE, we invite you to browse the the most popular RStudio IDE features.

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