Qubole Launch

Launch RStudio Server Pro from inside the Qubole platform

We are excited to team up with Qubole to offer data science teams the ability to use RStudio Server Pro from directly within the Qubole Open Data Lake Platform. Qubole is an open, simple, and secure data lake platform for machine learning, streaming and ad-hoc analytics. RStudio and Qubole customers now have access to RStudio’s out-of-the-box features and Qubole’s unique managed services that supercharge data science and data exploration workflows for R users, while optimizing costs for R-based projects. Within the Qubole platform, data scientists are able to easily access and analyze large datasets using the RStudio IDE, securely within their enterprise running in their public cloud environment of choice (AWS, Azure, or Google).

With massive amounts of data becoming more accessible, data scientists increasingly need more computational power. Cluster frameworks such as Apache Spark, and their integration with R using the SparkR and SparklyR libraries, help these users quickly make sense of their big data and derive actionable insights for their businesses. However, high CPU costs, long setup times, and complex management processes often prevent data scientists from taking advantage of these powerful frameworks.

Now that Qubole has added RStudio Server Pro into its offering, it now offers its users:

Enterprise users benefit from this new integration because this new upgraded platform:

How do I enable this integration?

If you already are a Qubole customer, and would like to enable RStudio Server Pro in your environment, please contact your Qubole support team.

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RStudio Server Pro is the preferred data analysis and integrated development experience for professional R users and data science teams who use R and Python. RStudio Server Pro enables the collaboration, centralized management, metrics, security, and commercial support that professional data science teams need to operate at scale.

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