Over the years, we have loved interacting with the Shiny community and loved seeing and sharing all the exciting apps, dashboards, and interactive documents Shiny developers have produced. So last year we launched the Shiny contest and we were overwhelmed (in the best way possible!) by the 136 submissions! Reviewing all these submissions was incredibly inspiring and humbling. We really appreciate the time and effort each contestant put into building these apps, as well as submitting them as fully reproducible artifacts via RStudio Cloud.

And now it’s time to announce the 2020 Shiny Contest, which will run from 29 January to 20 March 2020. (Actually, we announced it at rstudio::conf(2020), but now it’s time to make it blog-official!)

You can submit your entry for the contest by filling the form at rstd.io/shiny-contest-2020. The form will generate a post on RStudio Community, which you can then edit further if you like. The deadline for submissions is 20 March 2020 at 5pm ET. We strongly recommend getting in your submission a few hours before this time so that you have ample time to resolve any last minute technical hurdles.

You are welcome to either submit your existing Shiny apps or create one in two months. And there is no limit on the number of entries one participant can submit. Please submit as many as you wish!



Just like last year, apps will be judged based on technical merit and/or on artistic achievement (e.g., UI design). We recognize that some apps may excel in one of these categories and some in the other, and some in both. Evaluation will be done keeping this in mind.

Evaluation will also take into account the narrative on the contest submission post as well as the feedback/reaction of other users on RStudio Community. We recommend crafting your submission post with this in mind.


Honorable Mention Prizes:

Runner Up Prizes:

All awards above, plus

Grand Prizes:

All awards above, and

Please note that we may not be able to send t-shirts, books, or other items larger than stickeers to non-US addresses.

The names and work of all winners will be highlighted in the Shiny User Showcase and we will announce them on RStudio’s social platforms, including community.rstudio.com (unless the winner prefers not to be mentioned). This year’s competition will be judged by Winston Chang and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel.

We will announce the winners and their submissions on the RStudio blog, RStudio Community, and also on Twitter.

Need inspiration?

Browse the winning apps and honorable mentions of last year’s contest on the Shiny User Showcase as well as the contest submissions at the shiny-contest tag on RStudio Community.