The final version of RStudio v0.95 is now available for download from our website (thanks to everyone who put the preview release through its paces over the last couple of weeks!). Highlights of the new release include:

Quite a bit has been added to RStudio since the initial v0.92 release a year ago. We’ve put together a new screencast that includes a quick tour of the product and also highlights some of the new features in v0.95:

There is also an interview with RStudio founder JJ Allaire over on DecisionStats that has a more in-depth discussion of the release and the RStudio project in general.

The evolution of RStudio is a direct result of the many in-depth conversations we’ve had with users at meetups, conferences, and on our support forum. We realize that there’s plenty more to do and hope we can keep up with all of the great feedback! In that spirit we hope to see lots of folks this Thursday night at the Chicago RUG meetup as well as in February in Houston and Los Angeles.