svglite 1.2.0

2016-11-14 Hadley Wickham
Today we are pleased to release a new version of svglite. This release fixes many bugs, includes new documentation vignettes, and improves fonts support. You can install svglite with: install.packages("svglite") Font handling Fonts are tricky with SVG because they are needed at two stages: When creating the SVG file, the fonts are needed in order to correctly measure the amount space each character occupies. This is particularly important for plot that use plotmath. Read more →

Join Hadley Wickham's Master R Workshop in Melbourne, Australia December 12 & 13

2016-10-28 Roger Oberg
It’s nearly summeRtime in Australia! Join RStudio Chief Data Scientist Hadley Wickham for his popular Master R workshop in Melbourne. Register here: Melbourne will be Hadley’s first and only scheduled Master R workshop in Australia. Whether you live or work nearby or you just need one more good reason to visit Melbourne in the Southern Hemisphere spring, consider joining him at the Cliftons Melbourne on December 12th and 13th. It’s a rare opportunity to learn from one of the R community’s most popular and innovative authors and package developers. Read more →

The schedule is out - rstudio:conf 2017

2016-10-13 Roger Oberg
rstudio::conf 2017, the conference on all things R and RStudio, is only 90 days away. Now is the time to claim your spot or grab one of the few remaining seats at Training Days - including the new Tidyverse workshop. REGISTER NOW Whether you’re already registered or still working on it, we’re delighted today to announce the full conference schedule, so that you can plan your days in Florida. rstudio::conf 2017 takes place January 12-14 at the Gaylord Resorts in Kissimmee, Florida. Read more →

shinythemes 1.1.1

2016-10-13 Winston Chang
If there’s one word that could describe the default styling of Shiny applications, it might be “minimalist.” Shiny’s UI components are built using the Bootstrap web framework, and unless the appearance is customized, the application will be mostly white and light gray. Fortunately, it’s easy to add a bit of flavor to your Shiny application, with the shinythemes package. We’ve just released version 1.1.1 of shinythemes, which includes many new themes from bootswatch. Read more →

haven 1.0.0

2016-10-04 Hadley Wickham
I’m pleased to announce the release of haven. Haven is designed to faciliate the transfer of data between R and SAS, SPSS, and Stata. It makes it easy to read SAS, SPSS, and Stata file formats in to R data frames, and makes it easy to save your R data frames in to SAS, SPSS, and Stata if you need to collaborate with others using closed source statistical software. Install haven by running: Read more →

sparklyr — R interface for Apache Spark

2016-09-27 RStudio Team
We’re excited today to announce sparklyr, a new package that provides an interface between R and Apache Spark. Over the past couple of years we’ve heard time and time again that people want a native dplyr interface to Spark, so we built one! sparklyr also provides interfaces to Spark’s distributed machine learning algorithms and much more. Highlights include: Interactively manipulate Spark data using both dplyr and SQL (via DBI). Read more →

lubridate 1.6.0

2016-09-15 Hadley Wickham
I am pleased to announced lubridate 1.6.0. Lubridate is designed to make working with dates and times as pleasant as possible, and is maintained by Vitalie Spinu. You can install the latest version with: install.packages("lubridate") This release includes a range of bug fixes and minor improvements. Some highlights from this release include: period() and duration() constructors now accept character strings and allow a very flexible specification of timespans: period("3H 2M 1S") #> [1] "3H 2M 1S" duration("3 hours, 2 mins, 1 secs") #> [1] "10921s (~3. Read more →

tidyverse 1.0.0

2016-09-15 Hadley Wickham
The tidyverse is a set of packages that work in harmony because they share common data representations and API design. The tidyverse package is designed to make it easy to install and load core packages from the tidyverse in a single command. The best place to learn about all the packages in the tidyverse and how they fit together is R for Data Science. Expect to hear more about the tidyverse in the coming months as I work on improved package websites, making citation easier, and providing a common home for discussions about data analysis with the tidyverse. Read more →

forcats 0.1.0

2016-08-31 Hadley Wickham
I’m excited to announce forcats, a new package for categorical variables, or factors. Factors have a bad rap in R because they often turn up when you don’t want them. That’s because historically, factors were more convenient than character vectors, as discussed in stringsAsFactors: An unauthorized biography by Roger Peng, and stringsAsFactors = by Thomas Lumley. If you use packages from the tidyverse (like tibble and readr) you don’t need to worry about getting factors when you don’t want them. Read more →

tibble 1.2.0

2016-08-29 Hadley Wickham
We’re proud to announce version 1.2.0 of the tibble package. Tibbles are a modern reimagining of the data frame, keeping what time has shown to be effective, and throwing out what is not. Grab the latest version with: install.packages("tibble") This is mostly a maintenance release, with the following major changes: More options for adding individual rows and (new!) columns Improved function names Minor tweaks to the output Read more →